Correctional Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN Travel VA & NC)

Southern Health Partners

Posted Date: October 19, 2021
Location: Lychburg, VA

Tired of the same old walls day in and day out?  Working as a Medical Coverage Nurse allows you to work various assignments from one week to the next at different Correctional Facilities in the Region.  If Travel takes you away from home, all travel and hotel expenses are paid by Southern Health Partners in advance.  Unlike other assignments in travel nursing, we are not looking for a short term assignment far away from your home, but rather a dedicated nursing professional who would like a career in providing Team support on a Full Time basis (at least 36 hrs per week) to jails and detention centers nearest you.  
Full Time LPN
Regional Medical Coverage Nurse 
Competitive Pay & Benefits
to Work in the states of Virginia & North Carolina
Correctional Nursing is a unique niche for nurses to provide needed care within a safe and controlled environment.  SHP is looking for strong skilled nurses to provide quality care on-site, filling open hours within our various correctional medical units.  From information gathering, assessments, sick call, and medication passes – you are trained for the duties to be performed.
The employee must be able to perform duties assigned with or without reasonable accommodations.
  • Works with our on-site medical team to cover unfilled shift hours
  • Performs medication passes when indicated by the covered shift assignment
  • Provides emergency medical responses if applicable
  • Performs patient sick call triage
  • Performs patient screening upon intake
  • Documents concisely and accurately as to patient services provided
  • Follows infection control practices while on-site
  • Other duties may be assigned depending upon shift
  • Brings a great attitude to support the medical team
In addition to the Autonomy and Experience you will earn, Full Time Employees also enjoy:
Equal Opportunity Employer
All Applicants are subject to Drug Screening and the Issuance of Security Clearance by the Facility in Which Work is to be performed.